Im fully inspired by this lovely little thing

Books or Movies?

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books, but love movies a lot ngl kinda close to a tie

Freckles or Dimples?

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Dimples, they just adorable as heckk mannnn

Pale or Tan?

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Pale bc i cant tan so im bratty

Winter or Fall?

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this is tough bc they both have nice weather for me, but im gonna go with winter bc of snowwww

Spring or Summer?

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Spring bc I think the flowers are really nice at the beginning of the year right after winter ends idk im weird abt that

Rain or Snow?

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Rain w out a doubt, i like the way it looks outside when it rains ♡

Dogs or Cats?

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Cats bc they are so tiny and idk i just love them, but i do love dogs like its a tie if were honest.

Love or Money?

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love but like unlikely ill get it bc im a pessimist and thats not fun to deal w oh whale i'll liveeee

Im just gonna end on a depressing note bc thats fun k thx hope this was cute or smthin