Name : Bee Oliver
Age : 19
Nationality : Brazilian
Residence : Hollywood, CA
Occupation : Screenwriter, Novelist and Director


Sofia Coppola and black and white image coffee, book, and writing image book, aesthetic, and writing image 2009, lucky, and new york image
I would be famous for my romance novels and my work as director and screenwriter of many films and series.


Temporarily removed girl, home, and photography image home, interior, and house image city, copenhagen, and denmark image
I would have four main houses. An apartment in NY close to Central Park, a small house in Brasil's country side, something ostentatious in Hollywood and a cozy apartment in Copenhagen.


style, fashion, and aesthetic image outfits image Temporarily removed fashion, style, and outfit image converse, shoes, and all star image Temporarily removed
Eccentric but casual would define. Lots of yellow, brown and plaid. Main footwear would be All Stars and boots.


kfashion image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, shoes, and dress image Image by Anastasia fashion, girl, and accessories image Temporarily removed
This would be my toned down and sober style, maintaining the plaid, brown but discreet colors would reign.


black, fashion, and style image graham norton image black dress, brunette, and long hair image dress, Couture, and model image
No consistent style, but every single one of them would be their own spectacle. Interviewers wouldn't take me that serious unless for the bonkers ones.


dress, fashion, and style image fashion, red, and dress image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Again no consistency, but lots of opulence, flower and star patterns, very glittery, some fur here and there. And velvet. Lots of velvet.
dress and velvet image


stranger things, joe keery, and gaten matarazzo image Image removed shia labeouf image girl, pretty, and aubrey plaza image Temporarily removed actor, james mcavoy, and instagram image
Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo after I helped on the script of ST, Rihanna because I just love her music and style, Shia Lebeouf would be a best friend/crush, Aubrey Plaza to bitch around and be awkward together, Lana del Rey cause I would direct some of her videos and James McAvoy would be my partner in crime, too funny to be alive.


(this is sad forgive me, but in my dreams...)

cameron boyce and boy image cameron boyce, sofía carson, and descendants image cameron boyce, rip, and boy image Temporarily removed
My baby boy, Cameron Boyce.


sky, travel, and airplane image ice cream, food, and sweet image Temporarily removed horse, love, and animal image
Travelling, Ice cream tasting in different places of the world, gardening, horse riding


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No too much on the eyes but always bold on the lips, the slightly sun burned look would be a trademark.