girl, hair, and aesthetic image griffendor image skin image Temporarily removed
physical appearance : long wavy ginger hair, blue eyes, pink lips, fair skin
quotes image badass, black and white, and girl image
personality : sassy, headstrong and fearless
art, aesthetic, and paint image ball, hand, and cool image
curricular activities : painting and playing quidditch (chaser)
Temporarily removed aesthetic, red, and all right image Temporarily removed aesthetics, converse, and fashion image
style : basic and cool clothes
girl and hair image Temporarily removed
favorite hairstyles : ponytail, braided crown
gryffindor, harry potter, and hogwarts image aesthetic, alternative, and brave image
house : Gryffindor
lion and animal image lion and animal image
patronus : lion
fox, animals, and cute image tattoo, fox, and art image
pet : a fox named Ivy
Temporarily removed aesthetic, autumn, and classy image
girlfriend : Luna Lovegood
April was born only a year after Fred and George, so her first name is a tribute to the month when her brothers were born.
Her middle name is an homage to her mom.