Let's just say there's a very cute guy you like. And then, out of nowhere, you became his girlfriend. Hooray! But... there's one teeny weeny problem. Jealousy. You are very jealous. Just because he is very good looking, you are automatically afraid that he will cheat on you. Lucky you, there are a few tips how to stop being so fearful 😉

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1. Step one - TRUST
They more you will trust him, the happier he will be. Although there are a thousand types of men, all of them have one thing in common - everyone dreams about a significant other who will be always by his side. Trust is one of the most important things in any relationship.

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2. Step two - RESPECT
One of the things why two people are arguing in a relationship is pretty often because one of them is still in touch with their ex. What to do? It's normal that you are jealous. However, if they are not chatting and meeting each other regularly, just very occasionaly, it's okay. You can't erase his past. But you can show him you're a better girlfriend than was his previous one 😁

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3. Step three - CONFIDENCE
Believe in yourself. If he didn't like you, he would never be with you. Keep that in mind.

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4. Step four - GRACEFULNESS
Never be dramatic and a drama queen, even if there a lot of girls who are around him. Even those ones who have a bad name. If any girl starts to provoke you, just smile and be imune.

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5. Step five - EQUALITY
Never make him jealous on purpose. Of course, if guys are smitten by you and you are not interested, that's some whole different scenario. Never make problems out of nothing and treat him like you wanted to be treated.

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