First of, can you even believe it? We're halfway done with 2019. I personally feel like this year just started :/

Everything aside, I'll be sharing the playlist that I've curated to welcome the month of August❤

1. If I Killed Your Night- Nicklas Sahl🌙

70s, aesthetic, and like image

2. Higher Love- Kygo& Whitney Houston💌

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Serpil

3. Time of Our Lives- Pitbul& Ne-Yo

boy, crowd, and fans image happiness, illustration, and motivation image

4. Don't Call Me Up- Mabel📞

iphone, overlay, and transparent image

5. It's You- Ali Gatie

couple, laugh, and love image black and white, bnw, and couple image

6. So Close- NOTD, Felix Jaehn & Captain Cuts

rose, flowers, and pink image

7. Nostalgic- ARIZONA

book, girl, and vintage image lonely, quotes, and sad image

8. Nobody- Marin Jensen & James Arthur

aesthetic, alone, and black & white image

9. Takes My Body Higher- Shoffy

ball, disco, and party image dance and ballet image

10. Mad Love- Mabel

pink, lipstick, and aesthetic image quotes, aesthetic, and alternative image

I hope that you enjoy listening to these songs as much as I do and let me know if you'd want me to do a playlist article more frequently- I'm most definitely up for it!💛

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