So today I write the fifteenth day of the 30 Days writing challenge from the we heart it editorยดs Team.

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Describe your Childhood

It's very difficult especially to find the right words. I miss my childhood. Do you know that sometimes you wish to live in a certain period of a time and that forever? For example, I could always be eight.I think I was most happy then.

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I was born when my sister was three. She wanted a sister and then I came. Actually my name was already fixed but when the nurse asked my mom she spontaneously said my current name. my current name was the first thing that came to her mind at that moment.

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A few years later I went to kindergarten. there I met wonderful people three of them became my best friends. I have still some contact with all of them today. later on we went to the same school.my way divide with two of them because they were in the neighbour class. on the last day at kindergarten i was so afraid to never see them again. with one of them i was in the same class but she had other interests. in the class i was always the quiet one. i was kind. i understood myself well with most of them. I even supported one who was bullied and we became best friends. then we made friends with all the girls. that was in the last school year. suddenly all the girls were against me and i was humiliated in front of everyone in the class.

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I don't want to say anything about my family I hope you understand me.

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