In today's quiz you will find out if you were lucky enough to get this feature or if you are more of a shy person. Always choose just one option, count your points and find out!

1) How would you describe the perfect bikini for a beach party?
a) one-colored monokini
b) probably some cute model
c) pink or yellow colored bikini to show enough of my beautifully tanned skin
d) animal printed bikini, duh

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2) How would you describe your perfect birthday present?
a) small private party with my two closest friends
b) I would just ask my friends if they got an idea
c) something which we could do all together... some exotic holiday for example
d) my birthday must be the party of the century of course

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3) How would your friends describe you?
a) nice and shy
b) sweet, friendly, caring and helpful
c) ambitious, crazy, happy and always full of ideas
d) queen bee, party girl and has no idea what boredom means

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4) Someone offers you cigarettes..your reaction?
a) act like I didn't hear it properly
b) I'll do what my friend does
c) I'll tell them straight what's on my mind
d) I'll take one I guess?

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5) When someone compliments you...
a) I get stressed, it doesn't happen quite often
b) uuufff that's good - I'm rarely sure if I look good
c) just friendly say thank you
d) I always wear clothes in which I look fabulous

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6) Someone talks behind your back.. so what you do?
a) I guess they're right.. there's nothing I can do
b) I'll talk with my friends
c) I won't do anything, that person is absoltely not worth it
d) I will be shocked - how can anyone say this about ME!

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7) Your parents leave you home alone for the whole week.. any plans?
a) nothing - I'll enjoy it
b) I'll wait for my friend's ideas
c) I'll call my girlfriends and we will throw a little party
d) I'll organize a huge party and invite everyone I know

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8) Pick a lipstick shade:
a) nude
b) pink or orange
c) red
d) purple

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9) In which style do feel most comfortable?
a) any style which is not too eye-catching
b) black clothes are my favorite
c) mini skirts, tube tops...
d) anything which makes me the star

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10) You and make-up..
a) I rarely wear it. And when I do it's usually nude.
b) mascara, some lip gloss and concealer
c) full face, eyeshadows, sometimes eyeliner...
d) full face, fake lashes, contoured face..

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11) Which High School Musical girl is your spirit animal?
a) Kelsi
b) Gabriella
c) Taylor
d) Sharpay

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12) You arrive to school late. What you usually do?
a) probably wait till the next lesson starts and skip the first class
b) I will make up a story
c) normally I go, say hi to my friends, apologize to the teacher for being late and take a seat
d) enter the classroom pretty loud and act like nothing happened

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Okay, that was the last question 😊 Now count your answers and check out the result!


Mostly A : Way toooo emotional
Calm down babe. You are not even a little bit rebellious. You care way too much about others, you are afraid what the others think about you and basically... stop giving so much damn. Take a deep breath and start caring more about yourself. It's your life, your story, so be the writer.
Pro tip: Write down all your positive traits. Everything you're good at. If you need to, ask your friends and family for help. Then, everyday, right after you wake up, stand up next to the mirror, read it out loud and smile at yourself.

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Mostly B : Only if your besties are around
The more the merrier - that's your motto. You can be really rebellious and brave but only if the others are around. If you are alone, you are pretty much stressed and afraid. You don't always have to do what your friends do. It's okay to be different. To be became more fearless you need to built your selflove and confidence.
Pro tip: When there's something you don't like, tell them. Always speak up for yourself. Always say it when you don't agree with the others. At first your squad will be surprised but trust me, soon they will accept it and take it as a usual thing.

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Mostly C : You attract luck
Or Miss Lucky. That's the nickname you deserve. When it comes to you, you are pretty rebellious and at the same time sensible. You know what you want and you aren't afraid to go after it. You understand you don't have to do every crazy thing just to be cool.
Pro tip: You are the boss of yourself which is awesome. But you know, not everyone is so confident as you are. Help your friends and always support them!

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Mostly D: Miss excess
You and definitely not shy. You don't know what fear means. You are not afraid to do literally anything. But only if there are people, the audience who is staring at you. On the outside, you seen like a super confident person. However, in the inside you are fearful and constantly asking yourself if you are good enough.

Pro tip: You don't have to be always perfect. We're all human. Start to be yourself. Show the real you. If your friends are real, they will love you no matter what.

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So, that's it 😜What did you got? What kind of quiz would you love to see next? Let me know!

See ya in the next article 🍀 Your Meshty💛