My Country Tag of Belgium part two ❤

Hello everyone and welcome by my new article. Yesterday I wrote an article called 'the country tag' there I answered 15 questions about my country and in this article, I'm gonna answer the other half of the questions.
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16. Which stereotype of your country do you hate and which one do you somewhat agree with?

Belgians are really polite.
Are we? Maybe, we have a polite way to address people (Je en u) like in Spanish and French (Tù y usted en Espagnol) and (Tu et vous en Français) If we don't know the person we're talking about we always gonna use the polite way of saying things.

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Belgium Is Small, Flat And Rainy
Belgium is not a big country and certainly not if you compare it to big countries like Brazil, China, the U.S.A or Russia. But we're not that small there are tinier countries in the world like Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta or Monaco. It's a flat country, we don't have reak mountains but in the Ardennes, you can find hills and in wintertime, you can ski and langlauf there. And yes, it rains a lot here, lost months not that much because it's summer and there was a heatwave but in fall and winter it rains a lot here.

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17. Are you interested in your country's history?

I absolutely am because I like history. Belgium has a great history I think but I don't know everything but just the basics but I really want to learn more about it.

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18. Do you speak in a dialect of your native language?

When I talk to my friends I don't use general Dutch I think but I also don't speak a real dialect. It's more abbreviate the words and paste them together or using the dialect 'ge/gij/' instead of 'jij'~you

19. Do you like your country's flag? What about the hymn?

Our flag is just a normal one with red, yellow and black. Like the german flag but rotated.

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20. Which sport is THE sport in your country?

Soccer/football absolutely. When it is a big soccer event like the world cup or the Europe cup whole the country is supporting. There are Belgian flags hanging on walls and windows there are big screens outside where you can watch the match. Last year with the world cup there was a big screen on the beach, it was so nice to watch there to the math. WE WERE TIRD! We were in the half finals but the French were playing a hard game with us and we lost but even dough that we are so proud of our magnificent team.

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21. If you could send 2 things from your country into space, what would it be?

  • Our food

Do I really have to choose between all our delicious food? I can't!

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  • The sea

The lovely North sea in space how nice would it be. Swimming in the sea while watching the moon and the stars near you. Sounds like a dream.

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22. What makes you proud of your country? What makes you ashamed?

It makes me proud to see our soccer team on big events like the world cup because even though we're such a little we were playing in the half finals. And all the people who visit Belgium, even though we're so little we have a lot of beautiful (and delicious) things.

It makes me ashamed to see how are politic is going. First at all the system here is really difficult and weird but since last elections, I'm ashamed of the choice a lot of Flemings did...

23. Which alcoholic beverage is the favourite one in your country?

No doubts about this one, it's definitely beer, what else?

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24. Which nations are the most joked about in your country?

The Netherlands, I'm sorry dear Dutchies but there are a lot of jokes about you but I know in the other way there are a lot too.

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26. Does your nationality get portrayed in foreign media and what do you think about the portrayal?

I don't really know if a lot of foreign media talk about Belgium maybe there was last time also in other countries something about Tomorrowland if they did I hope it was a little bit fine at all? Or the cancelled festival Vesteville but that isn't absolutely good news. (Only for Cardi B)

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27. Favourite national celebrity?

I love the music from Angèle, she is a really good singer from Wallonie and her songs are in French. One of her last songs was 'Balance ton Quoi' and I really love it. Please go listen to it, there are good English subtitles available and the subject (she fight against sexism) she sings about is really important and beautiful.

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28. Does your country have a lot of lakes/mountains/rivers? Do you have favourites?

We don't have real mountains as I said earlier, some lakes and rivers. My favourite is the river the 'Dender' because in the city I live most of the time it's the mouth of the Dender in the Scheldt. When I was younger I usted to ice skate (it wasn't really ice skating because I was too young then, it was more playing and gliding) on an old part of the Dender which haven't tide anymore. Beautiful memories.

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29. Does your city have rivalry among other cities in your country?

Not really I think, maybe there is a little bit 'rivalry' between Flanders and Wallonie but I don't really know. I don't feel rivalry to anyone.

30. Do you have people from other nationalities in your family?

Yes, my brother's father is from Cameroon but lives in Belgium for years now so my brother is half Cameroonian and half Belgian. I have family living in Argentina but they are people who emigrated from Belgium to Argentina years and years ago when I wasn't even born so I don't know them.

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We're on the end of the article I hope you enjoyed reading about my country and learned some new things about it. Be sure that you follow me so you don't have to miss my next articles. Xx
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