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Dear Beautiful You,

I'm so grateful to tell you that everytime I have feelings like these that God uses them to learn me something.

Life Can Feel Useless, Right? (1/4)

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So, I quit my job and I decided to enjoy the summer before I apply for another one. It felt so 'not me' to do this (even though I need this as well) that I felt stuck, frustrated, annoyed by a crush. I'm so grateful to tell you that everytime I have feelings like these that God uses them to learn me something. Here's what He used in (2/4) and here's what I learned in (3/4).

Life Lessons From The Shelter (2/4)

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It's summer, also known as the time where I like to read books: A LOT. This time I started reading the book "Life Lessons From The Shelter" about the life of Corrie ten Boom. It was interesting at first, but then I started to feel a lot else: I couldn't understand how God allowed the evil to take all this room in people's lives.

Let me tell you where this book is about: Corrie ten Boom lived during the world wars. Long story short: her father (in his 80s), Betsie (her sister) and Corrie (both in their 50s) sheltered Jews in their home during the second world war. When somebody betrayed them, they were imprisoned. Corrie was alone in a cel and that's where she learnt who He is. Their father passed away, and Betsie and Corrie were transported to a concentration camp. They experienced a hard time. Betsie passed away. Corrie was released because of an administrative mistake. She went back to Holland.

She had seen so many dying people and she experienced *hard life events*. But still.....she started praying that God could change she way she experienced life and... HE DID! She could start a house for people who needed revalidation. She started to preach the gospel to people in her own town. She started traveling the world to preach the gospel.

God Turned My View Around (3/4)

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I went outside and I asked God to speak to me. He said "tell me what's on your chest." So, I told Him everything: my worries, my anger and my questions. When I was about to finish, I felt something shifting in the way I was speaking: at first I was negative and emotional, but then I started to correct myself. My life isn't useless! I can create so many opportunities. Let's put my phone away and talk a lot more with God!

I started to write down my dreams and desires, like how I'd like to start a ministry for women, how I love to write and tell others about Jesus. I totally forgot about those desires. I thought having a crush on some random church boy was important, but no: God has a plan for my life as well. Don't get me wrong: marriage can show Gods love to others and I may or may not experience that one day myself. But it's NOT the main goal in life.

God Leaves The One Who Doesn't Trust (4/4)

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God asked me to grab my Bible and read Psalm 78 and to continue my Bible reading plan (Iast time I stopped reading at psalm 65).
Psalm 78 teaches about Gods patience with His people and how it was over for God. He rescued and did miracles by providing for food in the desert . They didn't trust Him for something to drink (verse 20). He got so angry, but He still provided (verse 29). When they kept on sinning by refusing to trust His miracles, He let people die (verse 34). Then they turned back to Him, but they started to disobey the moment life was 'safe' again (verse 36/37). He had *provided* from them on the road from Egypt through the red sea into the desert (verse 52). He left with His presence, because they just wouldn't trust Him (verse 60). He chose someone else over Efraïm, He chose Judah (verse 67).

So, the moment I started talking to God again, was the same moment I could let go of my emotions. We need to put our phones away daily to experience our own feelings again, so we can throw them on God!
He learned me a lot through this passage. I hurt His feelings when I don't trust Him. Do you think I trust Him when I don't even want to experience how I feel? If I trusted Him, I would go through it, right? I want to now, so I can learn how to become more like Jesus instead of feeling nothing with this screen before my head lol.

Dear Lord, thank You for this wake up call. Learn me how to rely more on You than on my phone. Give me the strength and willpower to do that through Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name. Amen

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God bless!