i never really left my home country and i didnt even really came around inside my country,but just the idea to just drive or fly away,explore new foreign places and cultures,grow,experience new things and just feel free is just so amazing.And yeah,often i just have wanderlust soooo badly.ANYWAYS,here are the places that i really,really want to explore and to see in real life.


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when i think of california i think of summer,sun,beach and a relaxed life.I loved especially America since i was little and always wanted to go tghere and live there the most.


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i dont know what to say....Its just beautiful there


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ehhm...harry potter,sherlock,this is reasion enough.And i just like the old style look London,and the architecture.


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first of all the nature.second reason...reign


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Tokyo and asia in generell is just so fascinating.The culture,All the cute things.


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idk it just drags me there.

Beijing/china in generell

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I want to hug a panda....


australia, city, and Sydney image australia, beautiful, and city image australia, beautiful, and city image australia, desert, and holiday image
...i wanna hug a koala