Goddess of harvest and agriculture, grains, fertility of the earth.
Symbols: cornucopia, wheat, torch, bread.
Parents: Cronus and Rhea.

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It had been foretold that Cronos would be deposed by one of his children and so to prevent this, he swallowed each one as they were born, Zeus being the one to rescue them all. She became the goddess of harvest and was much loved by humans, giving them the cereals.

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ยท Demophon: Demophon was the son of Eleusis, who gave shelter to Demeter while searching for her daughter. She planned to Demophon immortal but was caught by his mother and abandoned the attempt.
ยท Erysichthon: He ordered all of the trees in one of Demeter's sacred groves to be cut down. When his men refused to cut a tree, he did it himself, killing a dryad. Demeter cursed him to be always hungry, resulting in him eating himself in the end.

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