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Title: Pure

Realease date: October 4, 2018

Genre: R&B, Soul

Musical inspirations: : Destiny's Child, Ella Mai, Chloe x Halle, Beyoncé, Jorja Smith, Camila Cabello, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande

Mixtape cover:

Collage, cover art, and diamonds image


Track 1: All So Pure

Image by Jayne beach, blue, and night image
trap | intro to the mixtape | "welcome, all so pure // welcome to Pure."

Track 2: Marco Polo

Image removed aesthetic, sunset, and sun image
soul & indie | about being the perfect complement to each other | "you are marco, and i am polo, we fit together // we always connect"

Track 3: People Tell Me

flowers, cassette, and aesthetic image aesthetic image
soul | how other people's opinion about my life and my decisions is irrelevant | "people also don't understand why i love it // 'cause people never let me do what i want, love what i want, want what i want"

Track 4: Fake Friends

halle bailey and chloé bailey image pink, bird, and flamingo image
old school guitar chill R&B | leaving the fake friends in the past and letting them know that i see right through their game | "answer my questions, don't you deny // you're just a liar, a loser"

Track 5: Reminiscing

purple, light, and neon image neon, glow, and heels image
R&B | finding out i can't trust him but reminiscing what we lived on a club banger - partying with my girls while also kinda staying in my feelings | "thought we had something, we were vibing yeah // seems like now i can't even trust your ass"

Track 6: Wide Open Live Acapella

dress image dark, theme, and gold image
R&B | a cover of Destiny's Child's audition song | "guess my lovin' must've been, really good for sure // i got you wide, wide open"

Track 7: Tell A Prayer

white, architecture, and art image angel, cherub, and core image
R&B gospel | defining love's purest expression | "love is all we got // you were a child once too, and you just don't remember"

Track 8: Brighter

nature, flowers, and green image Abusive image
R&B | a remake cover of a Nina Simone sample in a Tupac song | "please don't cry dry your eyes // ooh child, things are gonna get easier"

Track 9: Familytown

light, aesthetic, and city image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image
R&B | no matter where we go i'll call it home as long as we're together as a family | "it's my heartown // i need to be wrapped in the love that's all i know"

Track 10: An Angel

Collage, diamonds, and shine image Temporarily removed
R&B | transition | "that's when I knew // an angel, an angel, an angel"

Track 11: Pretty Privilege

Image removed Temporarily removed
Pop R&B Piano | being the beauty standard is a massive privilege in today's society | "the low self-esteem of a whole people, acting as if it should be legal // babygirls with differences will forever be looking for references"

Track 12: The Kids Are Alright Medley

Image removed moon and light image
contemporary R&B | a medley of multiple songs from Chloe x Halle debut album | "why you gotta be so fake // i could be a warrior, yes i am a warrior, there's no need to worry love, look around it's glorious, close your eyes and taste the sun"

Track 13: Jump In

abstract, blue, and blur image rose, aesthetic, and fire image
R&B | it's so wrong to get together but it's way too tempting | "i don't wanna trip, don't wanna bite my lip // can't remember you, but you know that i don't want to"

Track 14: Ocean

cloud, ocean, and sea image aesthetic, moon, and ocean image
Rock R&B | the ocean being an allegory for love | "but at the end it only brought me back stranded on the dry sand, high and dry // i was unstained and turned inflamed, in a place so organic, oceanic"

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