These are characters from TV-shows, movies and books that I personally think would be in Ravenclaw, if they went to Hogwarts. The following characters are in my opinion in Ravenclaw, because they value their and/or others intelligence, individuality or creativity above all else.

I divided the characters into the following categories:

  • The Debater
  • The Imaginative One
  • The Smart-ass
  • The Creative One
  • The Overachiever
  • The Wise Leader
  • The Bookworm


Noora Amalie Sætre

Skam (Norway)

aesthetic, alternative, and indie image
outspoken, feminist, intelligent, kind
lipstick, makeup, and red image Image removed series and skam image fashion, white, and style image hair, hairstyle, and blonde image fashion, grey, and outfit image
“People experience horrible things every day, and they still manage to be nice to others. Being an asshole is not something you are born with, or something you become. It's a choice.”


The little Prince

The little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Image removed
curious, imaginative, creative
crown, gold, and aesthetic image the little prince and quote image le petit prince and el principito image stars image
“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”


Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Temporarily removed
Curious, nonsensical, individualistic, originality, trying to find herself
girl and pale image cat, pink, and white image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed alice, photography, and wonderland image aesthetic, blue, and dress image
“I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.”

Peter Pan

Once upon a Time

Temporarily removed
manipulative, childish, witty,
Temporarily removed game over, game, and over image aesthetic, alternative, and black image dark, alone, and tree image Temporarily removed peter pan, once upon a time, and robbie kay image
"Isn't it funny? That things we haven't thought about in years, still have the ability to make us cry."


Eli Gold

The Good Wife

the good wife and eli gold image
sarcastic, intelligent, witty, low-patience
business, male, and manly image idiot, black and white, and quotes image alan cumming, the good wife, and eli gold image business, men, and hands. image bangladesh and vote image mind, spring, and use image
"If you don’t want a story to be told, it’s better to tell it yourself."

Shinichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa

Detective Conan

Temporarily removed detective conan and shinichi kudo image
Detective, intelligent, arrogant, show-off
glasses and aesthetic image couple, love, and aesthetic image boy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Abusive image
“A detective who corners a culprit with their reasoning and drives them to suicide in front of himself – is no different than a murderer.”

Sherlock Holmes

BBC Sherlock

sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and sherlock holmes image
show-off, clever, mastermind
music image london image victoria, prince albert, and tom hughes image Big Ben, london, and painting image tea and vintage image chess image
"Four serial suicides and now a note! It's Christmas!"

Olenna Tyrell

Game of Thrones

got, game of thrones, and margaery tyrell image
Queen of Thorns, Queen of Sass, observant, witty, wise
Image removed dress, fairytale, and nostalgic image got, game of thrones, and house tyrell image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed queen mary, reign, and lady lola image
"He's a clever man, your Hand. I've known a great many clever men. I've outlived them all. You know why? I ignored them."


...or rather the expressive one, who dresses outrageously to show who they are.

Blue Sargent

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽
brave, individualistic, creative, outspoken, feminist
girl, plants, and grunge image girl, mirror, and photography image flowers, grunge, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, freckles, and art image
The only thing was, she didn’t really want to see the future. what she wanted was to see something no one else could see or would see, and maybe that was asking for more magic than was in the world.

Leslie Burke

The Bridge to Therabithia by Katherine Paterson

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
creative, individualistic, true to being herself
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed art, artist, and artistic image art, paint, and jeans image Temporarily removed sunflower, flowers, and yellow image
"Just close your eyes...and keep your mind wide open."

Cruella De Vil

101 Dalmations - Disney

disney, quotes, and 101 dalmatians image
obsessive, flamboyant, eccentric, fashionista
fashion, aesthetic, and fur image fashion, fur, and coat image hair, black and white, and black image cars image character, edit, and enchanted forest image hair, black, and white image
"Anita, darling."


Amy Santiago

Brooklyn Nine Nine

funny, gif, and gifs image
organized, intelligent, perfectionist
Abusive image aesthetic, pen, and pale image fashion, style, and outfit image ray holt image girl, smoke, and photography image Brooklyn, city, and new york image
Captain Holt: Santiago!
Amy: Oh no, Santiago in B-flat. You're disappointed.



Avatar-the last airbender

avatar the last airbender image
clever, funny, silly, strategist
Temporarily removed please image Temporarily removed moon, ocean, and sea image sword and katana image hair, boy, and grunge image
"Looks like Long Feng is long gone!" (laughs) "Oh, I've been waiting to use that one!"

Annabeth Chase

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

percy jackson, annabeth chase, and annabeth image
wise, clever, strategist, determined
art and museum image architecture, art, and draw image girl, grey, and sweater image owl, white, and animal image fantasy and movie image girl, book, and study image
“I learned a long time ago: Never bet against Annabeth.”


Raven Roth

Teen Titans

raven image
smart, controlled, sarcastic, powerful
fire, blue, and hand image book, girl, and black image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed black, dark, and fashion image candle image
in a monotone voice: "A giant chicken. I must be the happiest girl alive."

Alaska Young

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Image by Ann Lutsko
smart, well-read, loves irony, deeply unhappy person
"I may die young, but at least I'll die smart."
photography and bed image john green, looking for alaska, and quote image flowers, shoes, and grunge image smoke, girl, and cigarette image couple, boy, and friends image book and vintage image
“Best day of my life was January 9, 1997. I was eight years old and my mom and I went to the zoo on a class trip. I liked the bears. She liked the monkeys. Best day ever. End of story.”

Liesel Meminger

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

book, movie, and the book thief image
book worm, open-minded, kind, brave, optimistic
snow, oxfords, and shoes image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed snow, winter, and aesthetic image book, shoes, and vintage image Temporarily removed
"Often I wish this would all be over, Liesel, but then somehow you do something like walk down the basement steps with a snowman in your hands."

This was a long article and it would have been longer, but did you know that there is a limit of pictures? Well, the article just got too big for WeHeartIt to handle so I had to cut a some characters (if you really really want to see them, let me know and I will make a part two for Ravenclaw characters)

But this was so much fun that I am now thinking about doing the other houses too. Especially because I have a Hufflepuff villain that I want to include. Yes, you read correctly: a Hufflepuff villain, who is part of one of my favourite books.

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