And here I go again! I fell in love with another book. If you love thrillers and mystery, you should totally keep reading, because I have a good news for you! I've read The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins when I was around 18 years old. But I've seen the movie first (which, I think was, a mistake) and it wasn't that entertaining for me to read the book then. So I was reading it for a really long time. But I love thrillers and stories that just make you keep going, because you want to know how it all ends.

That's why I gave a chance to Into The Water, which was very popular book last year. Everybody around me was reading it to be completely honest. I understand the popularity now. I love it even more than The Girl On The Train. The first few pages (60 I think) were tough for me to read, because most of the time I was confused who is who. The story is written from different points of view. Of each character that is involved. But then I fell in love and I almost didn't put the book down. My sister even said "are you really reading again?". I just needed to know how the story is gonna end. And let me just tell you it was a bomb.

It's about a little town Beckford in which is a river where a lot of women died. Some of them were drowned, some commited a suicide and few of them were mysteries. A woman who grew up there with her family started to wonder why the mysteries haven't been solved. And she actually ended up dead as well. Her sister, who came with more stories about the town and people living in it, wanted to know who murdered her sister and why. She never believed that her sister Nel would commited a suicide. She wasn't that type of a person even tho she was obssesed with all the stories about that river. And then they didn't even solved the murder of her sister, they solved even other murders and found the killer. But I don't wanna spoil anything more. You should totally go and read it yourself. Trust me. You won't be able to put it down until you know what happened.

You can clearly tell I love that book. So I recommend it 100% to you. It's just one of those books that leaves you with a weird feeling afterwards.