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Welcome to this new article. Today, i would like to introduce you to a literary genre that is very dear to me : dark academia. And from this genre, i will try to create some other (new?) concepts that i think would be interesting and fun.

So, what is dark academia ?

They are novels that are based on an academic setting. We usually follow around a group of close friends that are studying a certain subject (it usually is a liberal arts and/or humanities related subject such as ancient languages, literature, philosophy or theater) to which they firmly cling to until it leads them to a tragic event. Those students are so passionated, in their own world, that they forget what reality is made of and that there are limits that cannot be crossed. Tragedy, murder, irony and madness are some themes you may find in almost every dark academia novel.
If you're interested in reading some, i recommend you to check out The Secret History by Donna Tartt and If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio.

dark academia, friends, and aesthetic image Mature image aes and dark academia image Mature image
dark academia moodboard : studying until late at night alone in an old library, the cold wind in the night, thinking by the fire crackling in the chimney, crying when everyone else is asleep, losing yourself in an ancient greek tragedy book, running in a dark forest, the smell of old books, , drinking hot black coffee in the morning, heartbreaks, wearing victorian era looking clothes

But darkness wouldn't exist without light, and other things

And yeah, if dark academia exist some fans of the genre had the idea of creating an another concept : light academia. But since i'm me, i don't stop there ; in this second part of the article, i will create moodboards for light academia, but also for coven academia, gothic academia, countryside academia and villains academia that are concepts that just came out of my mind (unless they've already been done, in that case i'm sorry).

shoes, fashion, and aesthetic image art, aesthetic, and beige image art, museum, and aesthetic image aesthetic, city, and mystery image
light academia moodboard : museum dates, caring for each other, appreciating renaissance art, studying french, white roses, turning your loved one into a secret drawing well hidden in your journal, the color beige, reading poetry to each other before going to sleep, stroking hair, holidays in greece, writing in a cafe, drinking green tea in the morning
cat, black, and animal image aesthetic, black, and dark image aesthetic, beauty, and cherry blossom image aesthetic, black, and dark image
coven academia moodboard : speaking latin in your sleep, dark red lipstick, black cats, summoning a very old demon, exorcisms, wearing a shorter skirt than allowed, astrology, sneaking out at night to go to smoke behind the church of the school, girls kissing girls, driving the religious teachers mad, fire fascination
aesthetic, architecture, and dark image letters and vintage image chair, lace, and style image autumn, bucolic, and cold image
gothic academia : rain pouring hard against the window, ghosts, gargoyles on the roof of school, writing letters to your love one that you will never send, going for a walk in the morning fog, long dresses, quoting the brontë sisters' books to each other, playing piano at dinner time, wandering in the halls, storms, tired eyes
flowers, aesthetic, and nature image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed clothes, laundry, and clothesline image
countryside academia : holding hands, perfumed letters, wearing ribbons in your hair, laying in the grass, daydreaming a lot, playing in the woods, observing wild animals, flowers, the feeling of freedom, walking barefoot on the grass, joyful whispers
wine, drink, and red image lesbian, couple, and girls image girl, school, and grunge image dark, aesthetic, and warning image
villains academia moodboard : drinking wine, plotting against your enemies, sleeping with a knife under your pillow, sarcasm, how not to be caught classes, cheating on tests, hiding bodies in the woods, gillian flynn enthousiasts, god complex, the scent of dissimulated lies

So that's pretty it. I hope you liked this article and that as i speak you're already on your way to your local library to borrow a dark academia book from there.
Anyways, that's it for today. Have a nice day, don't forget to read, to drink tea and to be nice to people around you.

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