Hello, everyone! This article will help you to achieve positive thinking.

What do we usually say when dealing with bad situations? “Oh, that's horrible!”, “Holy crap! That sucks”, “That's a nightmare!”. In fact, all of these phrases programme our mind to negativity. They also attract bad energy. But the main thing is that words set our reality. Things don't happen to us being already coloured. We colour them and it's our choice to pick a yellow or a black paint. We're always able to change our perspective into more pleasant and positive.

I've been trying to find more suitable words for complaint. Such as “That's not really good”, “It's a pity!”, etc. However, I realised what I actually shoud do is to forget all these statements. So what I need to do is to shift my mindset.

“Negativity is a reminder to make a change”. I've heard it during one meditation. I reckon that's a great idea. So when you notice you're sinking into bad thoughts, just shift. You can't think in a negative and positive way simultaneuosly. From now start practicing positive thinking. In order to develop your skill of controling your thoughts, try to meditate more.

The truth is, emotions don't last long. And when they pass, we can use the power of our thoughts. For example, instead of saying “Damn, that's lame!” you can say “As a matter of fact, that's an amazing lesson. I became wiser and I'll be smarter next time”. Or you can ask yourself “What was I taught by this situatuion?” and find something good and useful. Everything that happens to us has a purpose and we must see it. What's more, you can think of obstacles as a part of a game or a thrilling plot of a book. Overcome every situation with laugh. That's a wonderful alternative to being sad.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day and be cool! Good luck!

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