1. Do it slowly and take small steps!

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I kinda went vegan overnight, resulting in me being completely deprived of basically 99% of my favourite foods in one go, which obviously made it very hard for me to stay motivated and often resulted in me cheating and feeling horrible afterwards. Go vegetarian first. Then, swap your normal milk for an alternative like soy or oat milk. After that, start buying soy yoghurt, then cut out cheese… It’s not about doing everything in one week but about finding a diet that satisfies you physically but also morally.

2. Do your research!

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Veganism might sound very healthy to you because you can’t eat most junk foods like burgers, nuggets, cake (even though there are delicious alternatives for that!) but honestly: If done incorrectly, veganism can still be more unhealthy than the diet of a carnivore. I have a friend who’s a vegan and basically lived off of bread, peanut butter and potatoes with margarine and salt. That’s not healthy at all, obviously! That’s why I recommend you to do your research! Find out how much protein/carbs you need a day, what supplements you might have to add to your diet; google what vitamins you need and where to get them! If done correctly, it’s perfectly healthy to be a vegan – But you’ve got to put some effort into figuring out how.

3. Plan ahead!

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Not gonna lie: Being a vegan can suck in social situations. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead. Bring your food if people are not sure were to eat yet because nothing sucks more than being hungry and not finding anything vegan on the menu while all of your friends are enjoying their stuff. Google the restaurant’s menu beforehand. Suggest places you know serve vegan food when deciding where to go with your friends/family… Being a vegan is becoming easier and easier as more and more restaurants are starting to catch up on the recent developments and now serve several vegan options but being one step ahead never hurt anybody, especially if you’re not living in a big city.

4. Make it fun!

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Google recepies! Try to bake something! Don’t eat the same four meals over and over again because it will get boring; trust me! Nothing wrong with having a routine and a few go-to meals, but nothing wrong with spicing things up a little either.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

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I messed up so, so, so many times. I still do. And that’s okay. So what if you accidentally ate something that had milk in it? So what if the cafeteria only serves a vegetarian meal/no vegan option that weekend and there’s no other possibility to get anything else. So what you really crave ice cream? It’s about the big picture, in the end. If you drink soy milk instead of cow milk MOST DAYS instead of every day, you’re already making a difference. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you mess up – We all do.