Hi , Flowers ! Today I'm goanna tell you how I learnt 4 languages .
I can speak Romanian , Spanish , Catalan and English ( I think ) :) .

1. Romanian

In fact I don't have to much to say about it . I was born and raised in Romania although I have to admit that growing up I really liked how it sounds .

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2. Spanish

Three years ago I moved here ( Spain ) with my family so I practically I was forced to learn it . If you want to learn a new language I really recommend you learning Spanish !

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3. Catalan or Valecian

In the region of Spain where I live it's a second language , catalan . This one was hard to learn because there aren't many people who speak it on the daily basics .
I live in Valencia , so here it's called valencian .

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4. English

In fact I'm still learning it . It may sound stupid but I learnt it by watching tv shows as The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf .

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And that's it . If you liked it you can follow me or my articles collection .