So my first article was super fun so I decided to do another, I hope you enjoy! xo

Season ~

autumn, apple, and tree image Halloween, autumn, and fall image

Place ~

Image by minnty beautiful, cool, and london image

Book ~

Image removed black and white, Carey Mulligan, and leonardo dicaprio image
the great gatsby

Song ~

karen o, yeah yeah yeahs, and girls image aesthetic, sparkles, and vintage image
sex, money, feelings, die ~ Lykke Li
1982, the wall, and another brick in the wall image Temporarily removed
another brick in the wall ~ pink floyd

Fictional character ~

christian slater image 1989, 80s, and gif image
JD from heather's

Colour ~

aesthetic, babe, and black image Image by Ka
wine red

Activity ~

book, red, and aesthetic image books, dress, and girl image

Movie ~

Abusive image blood, boy, and mad image

Object ~

gif, lipstick, and vintage image lips, makeup, and glitter image

Thank you xo