me, doesn't know how to title,

i haven't done a playlist in a hot minute. i kinda missed it. anyway. this playlist has more softer??songs?? i get headaches a lot, so i ease them by listening to softer music. this is said music.

binu — bibi
nabi — bibi

bibi and binu image Image removed

your dog loves you — colde ft. crush
boy — offonoff

hands, pink, and purple image offonoff image

dance — offonoff
can i love? — cosmic boy ft. youra, meego

music, youra, and kmusic image Image removed

now or never — cifika, crush, woo
blue rose — leebada

female, gg, and girls image female, gg, and girls image

syndrome — ciki
this night — groovyroom, blue.d, jhnovr

groovyroom image rapper, instagram, and khh image

lovememore. — dosii
bee — rothy

Temporarily removed rothy image

night dream — leebada
bad habit — g.soul

golden, g.soul, and gsoul image female, gg, and girls image

be by my side — crush
we don't talk together — heize ft. giriboy

aesthetic, gif, and kpop image khiphop, giriboy, and khh image

uh. i ~ attempted ~ a new approach to how i do these but i'm feelin like :// so i don't really know. i might go back and completely change it. either way, all these songs are really good, ESPECIALLY . especially . we don't talk together + bibi .

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