This article was inspired by the songs:

  • "Molly" by Lil Dicky ft. Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco
  • "Neon Moon" by Cigarettes After Sex

You got in my mind like some sort of venom
Slowly, kindly and smiling
But not any kind of venom
You were the kind of venom whose effects I could control
Either I let you change my whole life within a day
Or I got separated for days to dissolve all your effects
Either I got addicted to you in two hours
Or I forget how your voice sounds like for three days

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You made me question all of my life
Either I prefer what I was made for
Or I would run away for moments of happiness
You made me question my feelings
I questioned my happiness, my identity and my decisions
I forgot my past, my lessons and my plans
You made me questioned the rest of my life

I quote Cigarettes After Sex when I say

I think of two young lovers, running wild and free. Close my eyes, sometimes see you in the shadows of this smoke-filled room .

You were a venom that crashed my life
A venom I don´t want to forget
A venom that make me saw my unhappiness
A venom that made me do things like there was no tomorrow
A venom who appreciated my light
And yet still a venom that´s not good for me
But the actual opposite of my medicine

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You called me a heartbreaker
You said I´m your venom
You got separated from me for days to dissolve my effects
And you silence me to forget how my voice sounds like
But you let me change your whole live within a day
You get addicted to me in two hours
You held me back because you can´t let me go

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You called yourself a hindrance
You left me on the street and you give me a hundred reasons to throw you away
You pushed back in order to stop
But your smile when you see me betrays you
And beautiful, you are the heartbreaker
Your venom has got me to the blood
And yet still I don´t know anything about you
So you´ll never know that all I wanted
Was for you to be my hindrance