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name: mel byers (melanie)
age: 16 (season one); 17 (season two); 18 (season three)
height: 1,77m
family: she's jonathan's fraternal twin, will's sister and joyce's daughter.


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brown wavy hair, green eyes, freckled cheeks. she's thin but not too thin, good metabolism runs in the family and she's tall unlike her mother.


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she has great fashion sense. never takes off her converse and is the biggest fan of cool socks. band tees and oversized sweatshirts are the majority of her closet, and she also appreciates checkered pants or skirts.


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she's very kind and isn't afraid to speak her mind, especially to defend her opinions. she's also shy and very much and introvert, so she won't open up to you easily.

her bedroom:

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books, posters from her favorite bands and movies, records and her own record player.

favorite tv and movies:

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loves movies like the breakfast club and sixteen candles, but she's also a sucker for ghostbusters and et because of will. her favorite movie is pretty in pink. she's not a fan of tv shows.

favorite music:

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her and jonathan share music taste, although mel also loves some pop. come on eileen, take on me, don't you want me are some bops she just loves. obsessed with bowie, the clash, duran duran, the beatles, bon jovi, tears for fears, the cure, the psychedelic furs, the velvet underground, the bolshoi... her favorite song is everyone wants to rule the world by tears for fears, replaying every time.


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she works in the local record store that only sells alternative records. her natural habitat.

hobbies and likes:

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she loves reading, listening to music, rain, sketching things in her journal and hanging out with will.


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she's been friends with robin since forever and she's pretty much her only friend. although, she has a great relationship with both of her brothers and later on she started being friends with the group, and became really close with nancy, his brother's girlfriend.

love interest:

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mel has been in love with steve since like 2nd grade... she always saw through the popular douchebag but was always invisible for him. she started being there for him when nancy broke his heart and they have been close ever since. sad thing is he was in love with robin. she still hasn't done a thing about it and thinks he is oblivious to these feelings...until now ;).