Maja (19)
-Mom of the group
-always has food and wet wipes in her bag
-constantly makes sure everyone is fine
-always dragging her friends along to do fun activities and get closer
-if one of her friends needs to throw up she's right there to hold them and then make them a hot cup of tea and soup
-she can talk for hours
-always there for the drama and gossip
-aspires to become a crazy cat woman

blue, brown, and eyebrows image fashion, princess, and site model icons image gossip, funny, and friends image cat, animal, and girl image

Valeria (19)
-loves Lana Del Rey and Alex Turner
-extremely hot
-fashion icon
-has the voice of an actual angel

Image removed lingerie, model, and tattoo image Image by ninetyssbaby beauty, blonde, and charly jordan image

Adriana (21)
-former child star
-she is a singer now
-gets in trouble a lot
-hates her parents
-queen of resting bitch face
-had problems with drug abuse in the past
-if someone's being a bitch to her she'll literally fight
-mental breakdowns are her brand

cindy kimberly, icon, and gorgeous image lana del rey, black and white, and alone image Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿ megan fox, icon, and beauty image

Tommy (18)
-loves video games and movies
-hyperactive crackhead
-will hype his friends up if they're feeling down
-flaming heterosexual
-wants to be a movie editor when he's older
-sends his friends video compilations of their gang

camera image timothee chalamet, call me by your name, and cmbyn image gay, kiss, and boy image toy story, woody, and fire image

Paul (17)
-plays the guitar
-sK8eR bOi
-typical edGY teen
-smokes and drinks way too much

Mature image Temporarily removed couple, love, and goals image Temporarily removed

Philip (19)
-plays drums
-gets in fights
-would never want to hurt anyone's feelings tho
-would literally kill for his friends

Image removed boy, blood, and grunge image Abusive image boys, gif, and model image

Jessy (18)
-makes everyone step out of their comfort zone
-drunk 24/7
-always there for her firends
-her mom left the family when she was 5

Temporarily removed tattoo and boy image aesthetic, girl, and grunge image aesthetic, alternative, and boy image

Vanessa (18)
-former emo/goth
-still kinda rocking the goth style
-loves horror movies
-alternative queen
-dark humor

aesthetic, body, and Couture image goth, grunge, and piercing image dark, emo, and goth image Mature image

London (18)
-her nickname is Barbie
-loves pink
-playing the dumb blonde is her brand
-queen bee
-attention whore

mood image Temporarily removed Image removed Image by arzu

Sophia (29)
-has two kids
-business woman
-she's kinda like a cool fairy godmother

design, details, and glamour image Temporarily removed Image removed baby, luxury, and children image

Imani (22)
-loves nature
-kindest human on earth
-works in an orphanage
-can cook really well

beauty, happy, and makeup image protest, climate change, and climate image world, change, and quotes image love rosie image

Kasey (18)
-really sweet and cute
-loves fastfood
-always singing & dancing around
-loves colorful and crazy clothes

somi and jeon somi image aesthetic, alternative, and coffee image lisa, blackpink, and kpop image Temporarily removed

Anja (17)
-funny and kind
-dark humor
-super sweet
-loves traveling & partying
-extremely artistic

amalie snolos image city, copenhagen, and danish image aesthetic, art, and style image Abusive image

Xaver (20)
-dad of the group
-protective over the younglings in the gang
-he has rich parents but is humble
-extremely talented musician
-in a band
-his friends are everything to him
-makes bad decisions when it comes to what girls to date
-has a bunch of tattoos
-throws the craziest parties

Temporarily removed Harry Styles and shadow image aesthetic, alternative, and indie image guitar, nirvana, and pool image

Stefan (18)
-closeted bisexual
-plays guitar
-in a band
-his complete diet consists of beer, cigarettes and kebap
-always laughs nervously

call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and elio perlman image Image removed Temporarily removed jd and jason dean image

Casper (19)
-constantly flirts with everyone
-acts straight but would fuck his homies
-has super close friendships with his male friends
-dirty humor
-makes everyone uncomfortable with his jokes and intense flirting

couple, love, and boy image tattoo, boy, and black image bl, yaoi, and lgbt image gay and boy image

Susi (19)
-teen mom
-extremely funny
-got married when she was 18
-super good at makeup

makeup, girl, and beauty image makeup, beauty, and fashion image Image by مرتضى محسن child, family, and kids image

Ben (19)
-Susi's husband
-great father
-calms his wife down when he needs to
-plays piana and guitar
-in a band

baby, dad, and daddy image baby, cute, and boy image cat, boy, and ulzzang image tattoo, boy, and art image

-total bitch
-thinks she's such an adult but behaves like a middleschool bully
-can't take a joke
-generally hates any type of humor
-attention whore
-only wears designer
-everyone in the gang hates her but she's Xaver's gf so they have to hang out with her

scream queens, emma roberts, and chanel image Image by ser23_ bad, bitch, and bitchy image food, dior, and donuts image