stage name: niko (๋‹ˆ์ฝ”)
stage name meaning: god of victory
birth name: nam jeongmin (๋‚จ์ •๋ฏผ)
nicknames: niko ni; alien, nikkoya, donald duck
height: 1,81cm
nacionality: korean
position: main vocal, face of the group
birthday: april 17, 1996
zodiac sign: aries
blood type: type o
representative color: black
ruled under: uranus: "uranus rules those who seek freedom, those who are unconventional, those who stand out, who are rebels, who do the unexpected, and who bring change".
fun facts:

  • his stage name was originally supposed to be jeongnam, a mixture of his surname and his name, but his company decided to change it last minute to niko, because it suited him the most.
  • the members say him and seiichi are inseparable. they share a room and even share clothes
  • niko was a model under esteem, a sm sub-label.
  • he was a guest on red velvet's pajama friends episode, along with helio.
  • niko is the face of mnet's we are kpop intro.
  • he starred on nct dream's chewing gum music video.
  • according to his members, he gets hit on a lot by senior female idols.
  • he's very friendly and has a carefree personality.
  • he's allergic to helio's cat, so he has to take a pill daily to avoid sneezing and coughing.
  • he used to live with his mom until apollo's debut, when he moved with the members to his new dorm.
  • his ideal type: a girl who's easygoing and carefree. someone that enjoys life and isn't burdened by small things.


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