ultimate groups:

jin, kpop, and v image bts, jimin, and jungkook image lisa, rose, and jennie image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
bts, blackpink


army, concert, and bts image Barcelona, blink, and concert image
Army, blink

other groups i love:

Image removed Image removed beautiful, bff, and girls image Jae, kim, and kpop image boys, group photo, and kpop image yves, chuu, and heejin image kpop, solar, and mamamoo image joy, red velvet, and wendy image aesthetic, korean, and kpop image boys, icons, and idol image
ITZY, g (idle), mamamoo, stray kids, ateez, loona, nct127, day6, red velvet, twice, and many more

favorite solo artists:

chungha image iu, girl icon, and lee jieun image
chungha, IU

my first bias in BTS:

bts, v, and taehyung image beauty, boy, and icon image

my bias now in BTS:

bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

my first bias in Blackpink:

Image removed jisoo, blackpink, and kim jisoo image

my bias now in Blackpink:

rose, blackpink, and kpop image rose, blackpink, and park chaeyoung image

first bts song i've heard:

DNA, v, and bts image k-pop image

first blackpink song i've heard:

Image by Bฤbฤ“ blackpink, lisa, and rose image

my top 5 BTS songs:

bts, jimin, and jin image bts, taehyung, and kpop image bts, jungkook, and jimin image bts, jin, and seokjin image
run, i need you, autumn leaves, hold me tight, love myself

my top 5 blackpink songs:

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed blackpink, rose, and jennie image jennie, blackpink, and kpop image
playing with fire, whistle, don't know what to do, as if its your last, stay

first kpop concert:

aesthetic, concert, and live image
blackpink in your area tour { 5.519 }

first BTS comeback:

bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image kpop, bts, and jimin image bts, bangtan boys, and agust d image icon, jin, and k-pop image
fake love

first blackpink comeback:

blackpink, lisa, and kpop image Image removed blackpink, rose, and jennie image blackpink, jisoo, and ddu du ddu du image

favorite BTS era

bts, v, and taehyung image Image by Nema bts, suga, and yoongi image Temporarily removed
wings, love yourself: tear, you never walk alone, the most beautiful moment in life pt.1 and 2

favorite blackpink eras:

mv, whistle, and blackpink image jennie, blackpink, and kpop image blackpink, kpop, and lisa image bp, idol, and kpop image
whistle, as if its your last, stay, kill this love

my top 5 BTS dances:

gif, bts, and jimin image
gif, bts, and kpop image
gif, bts, and park jimin image
aesthetics, blood, and gif image
dionysus, gif, and jin image
mic drop, fake love, fire, blood sweat & tears, dionysus

my top 5 blackpink dances:

gif, korea, and korean image
bp, gif, and lisa image
kpop, gif, and lisa image
gif, lisa, and rose image
gif, lisa, and mv image
kill this love, boombayah,as if its your last, ddu-du-ddu-du,whistle