hey love

nowadays, i don't know if you've seen but everywhere on instagram i see people painting anything, from spongebob squarepants characters to album covers on a pair of vans, so it's interesting to watch.

if any of you love to paint or get creative or just need some ideas for painting something, paint some album covers:)

album covers are pretty dope, because you can create anything you want and there are some pretty crazy album covers, try to paint some album covers that you listen to and love, hopefully you'll like the ones below...

1) arctic monkeys
genre: indie rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock
origin: UK
favorite song: i wanna be yours

arctic monkeys, music, and am image
album: AM

2) AC/DC
genre: classic rock
origin: australia
favorite song: thunderstruck

ac dc, back in black, and music image
album: back in black

3) ed sheeran
genre: indie rock, pop
origin: australia
favorite song: thinking out loud

Abusive image
album: x

4) elton john
genre: rock, glam rock
origin: UK
favorite song: i guess that's why they call it the blues

Image by rue
album: madman across the water

5) the beatles
genre: rock, pop music
origin: UK
favorite song: i want to hold your hand

Temporarily removed
album: 1

6) pink floyd
genre: art rock
origin: UK
favorite song...i dont listen to pink floyd...sorry

Pink Floyd, music, and rock image
album: pink floyd

7) queen
genre: rock
origin: UK
favorite song: i can't even choose:)

Temporarily removed
album: a night at the opera

those are all the albums that i think are good ideas for painting, some of them might be hard but it'd be fun to have some challenge, i suggest buying square and small canvases that could look like the actual album cover when you paint it. hope you'll like this article and maybe even try to listen to these types of music, and paint creatively

bye love