Name: Adryana Portugal
Nickname: Dry
Blood Status: muggle-born
Nationality: Brazil


Temporarily removed art, girl, and painting image hair, girl, and grunge image freckles, lips, and girl image


fashion, outfit, and style image girl, dress, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


book, candle, and autumn image yoga, head stand, and asana image quotes, tattoo, and angel image dress, girl, and dance image


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red head and weasley image model, boy, and lucky blue smith image girl, night, and blonde image aesthetic and vintage image
Fred II - Scorpius - Dominique - Rose

Love Interest

boy, glasses, and smile image harry potter, hogwarts, and quidditch image boy, cigarette, and smoke image Temporarily removed
James Sirius Potter

Yule Ball

dress, fashion, and red image Temporarily removed aesthetic, diamonds, and girly image aesthetic, beige, and black image