stage name: yong (용)
stage name meaning: dragon, also the last four letters of his real name
birth name: kim jaeyong (김재용)
*nicknames:*_j-yong; slenderman, lizard, mommy's boy_
height: 1.88cm
nacionality: korean
position: main dancer, lead vocal
birthday: november 11, 1996
zodiac sign: scorpio
blood type: type ab
representative color: sea green
ruled under: saturn: “ambitious, hardworking. saturn is about restrictions, limitations, boundaries, safety, and practicality. it's about hard work and getting what you deserve.”
fun facts:

  • he's the only child on his family, so he grew up very spoiled. the members call him "mommy's boy."
  • he loves learning girl group dances. his favorites to dance to are itzy's.
  • he was a guest in lipstick prince's second season
  • he shared his spotify playlist with their fans, so they could listen to the music he likes.
  • it is speculated that yong is in a relationship with a non-celebrity. some pictures have been made public but so far the company hasn't given any statement
  • he likes to play the sims 4
  • he shares a room with king. he uses the top bunk bed, and he says king usually kicks his bed to get him to wake up
  • his favorite movies are studio ghibli's movies. he likes princess mononoke the most
  • his audition song was yanghwa bridge by zion t.
  • he auditioned for yg, and was a model under yg k+ during 1.5 years, before leaving and joining stone music entertainment
  • his ideal type: someone who likes to dance. someone intelligent and well spoken.


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bts' jhope
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hotshot's taehyun
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username: .@jjyong
description: if i don't have some cake now, i might die
posts: 154
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