*me listening to sad music and becoming more sad *

playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4pfye1VCMofPinOj6oxDbn?si=5odQ-QjmSAuV-O0Ef2nQKQ
(there's more songs on playlist + ill be adding n updating)

the broken hearts club - by Gnash
coaster - by Khaild
please come back - by Ondi Vil
coffee - by joel adams

listen before i go - by billie eillish
tell me that you miss me - shattered
the remedy for a broken heart - by xxxententacion
anixety -softheart

amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer
changes - xxxententacion
sorry - Hasley
love is more depressing than depression - by prxs

drunk - dijon
jealous - by Labrinth
saved - by Khalid
losing interest - by timmies

six feet under - by billie eillish
i still love you - live - by skinny living
please notice - by christain leave
younger - by ruel

somebody that i used to know - by gotye
teenage fever - by drake
lonely again - by gnash
it's you - by ali gatie

why won't you love me - by 5 seconds of summer
i fall apart - by post malone
are we still friends? - by Tyler, the creator
ill never love again - by lady gaga

wish you were gay - billie eillish
3:15 - bazzi
two shots - gnash
too good at goodbyes - sam smith

don't get too sad <3

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