How did I get into kpop?

The first time I got in contact with Kpop, is of course through Psy's Gangnam Style

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But when this song first came out I didn't know that it was Korean. I was only ten years old and I didn't really watch YouTube at home.

A few years went by and end 2016 I watched a video from fine bros

Not gonna lie, I was a little freaked out by Underwater Squad by Keith Ape. But I was astonished by Monster by EXO, especially Baekhyun caught my attention.

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The dance, the visuals, the song, everything amazed me, so I decided to look up the song. After I had watched the entire music video, I still liked it very much.

I told my friend and she immediately responded with, "Oh god, not you too!" I thought she had an immediate dislike of Kpop and completely dropped the subject and I didn't really watch any more.

But of course Kpop had to spiral back to me a few months later when another friend told me, "Okay so, I don't care if you like it or not. You need to watch this, look at the aesthetics!" And an Iphone was shoved under my nose. Spring Day by BTS was being played.

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The song sounded so pleasing to my ears, everything fit together so well. I just had to know more! In one week exactly I learned their names and faces. It's funny to think that back then I thought it was hard to learn who is who.

In March I discovered a new band called Blanc7

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And of course more groups grew on me, including my all time ult Day6

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Thank you for reading my article :)