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I saw this tag here on We Heart It a few times and I really liked it. So that's what we gonna do today, answering questions about my country which is Belgium. I know there already is one written about Belgium but because there are personal questions most of the time the answer will be different.
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1. What's your favourite place in your country?

Absolutely the sea there isn't any other answer possible. I love the sea and I'm so happy that I can be a lot in Ostend, a city near the sea because my grandparents have a vacation house here.

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2. Do you prefer spending your holidays in your country or would you rather travel abroad?

I usually spend my holidays in my own country because of my grandparent's house near the sea. We are always there during vacations. But when I'm older I want to travel a lot also to other countries.

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3. Does your country have access to the sea?

As I said before, yes my country access to the sea. The whole west side is surrounded by the sea.

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4. What's your favourite dish specific to your country?

We are Belgium, we are known for our Belgian fries, beer and chocolate but when you are in Belgium you also have to try, Brussels waffles, Liège waffles (sugar waffles), cuberdons and so many more delicious food.

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5. Favourite song in your native language?

Why is this so difficult? I don't really listen to Dutch music... Wait, when I was walking on a football/soccer event some time ago I heard a really nice song, it was in Dutch my native language but it wasn't Belgian because of it's a song from the Netherlands. I can't remember the title at this moment, I was looking for it on the internet but I found nothing.

DISCLAIMER, when you're reading this and you were wondering 'Dutch music but you said you're Belgian, isn't Dutch the languages of the Netherlands?' You're right in the Netherlands they speak Dutch but in Flanders (the part above) they speak Dutch too. In Wallonie they speak French, Brussels is mixed and in a little part, they speak German. Is Belgium a complicated country? Yes, absolutely.

6. Most hated song in your native language?

I don't like all the carnival songs. Those songs are most of the time not very musical it's more just to make the ambience on parties with a lot of beer...

I think this one is an okay one but it's still not my taste of music.

7. Three words from your native language you like the most?

Ik hou van jou ~ I love you
Liefde ~ Love
sterren regen ~ Rain of stars

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8. Do you get confused with other nationalities? If so, which one?

Not often when I'm in Belgium itself but when I'm in another country sometimes they think that I'm from the Netherlands because there they speak Dutch too.

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9. Which of your neighbouring countries would you like to visit most/know best?

My neighbouring countries are the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg. I haven't visit Luxembourg yet so I would like to do that but I also would like to visit the Netherlands a lot because we speak the same language it's easier to talk. But, I also would love visiting France a lot, it's a wonderful country and I would love to experience a lot of the culture and things there.

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11. Favourite native writer/poet?

Dirk Bracke, he is a book writer and writes mostly young adult books. I've read all of his books I think, especially one which is next to me at this moment and I'm gonna read it next week.

12. What do you think about English (or other languages) translations of your native prose/poems?

I don't know if they translate a lot of Dutch things in other languages but some times ago I saw a picture from a Belgian book series (vos and haas ~fox and hare)for kids translated into Chinese. That's weird to see for the first song but why not?

13. Does your country have any specific superstitions or traditions that might seem strange to others outsiders?

I think just the normal superstitions but a lot of people don't believe in them anymore. And yeah, Belgium and The Netherlands have a special tradition on the 6th of December. It's called Sinterklaas and you can say that's it's like Santa Claus but not on Christmas.

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14. Do you enjoy your country's cinema or tv?

Let's say, sometimes there are good ones but sometimes they are not that good. We have had some good television programs last year and obviously, we have our own voice too. (Belgium has two, one in Flandres, one in Wallonie)

15. A saying, joke or meme that only people of your country will understand.

Do I know a joke, I know a bad one but it is one.
A joke ~ Wat is rood en gaat op en neer? ~ een tomaat in de lift
A saying ~ Als de kat van huis is dansen de muizen op tafel.

In the original article there are 30 questions but I don't like to make my articles too long so I'm gonna do the other half tomorrow. If you know something you want me to talk about, send it to me in a message and I'll see you tomorrow. If you want to be sure that you don't miss tomorrows article or all my other articles be sure that you follow my account. Xx
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