stage name: king (킹)
stage name meaning: the spanish word for king is rey, which sounds similar to his real name; rei
birth name: ikehara rei (池原れい)
korean name: lee kyeonghee (이경희)
nicknames: rey; maknae on top, god rei, kyoto king
height: 1.79cm
nacionality: japanese
position: maknae, main vocal
birthday: march 7, 1999
zodiac sign: pisces
blood type: type b
representative color: yellow
ruled under: mars: "those ruled under mars are all about motivation, initiative, aggression, confidence, inner drive, physical strength and stamina, what they want to achieve, where they put their energy, and how much of a risk-taker they are."
fun facts:

  • during his trainee days, king could barely speak korean, so he had a hard time making friends and becoming close to the other trainees.
  • he says he's the worst at dancing. learning new choreographies usually takes him a lot of time, but he gets a lot of help from niko and yong.
  • in the dorm, he shares a room with yong.
  • his roomate, yong, says that king likes to annoy him by hiding his glasses
  • he auditioned for cube and jyp on the same year, but got rejected by both companies.
  • his favorites songs to cover are harry styles' songs
  • he once got lost in the supermarket and helio had to call him through the speakers
  • his idol is bts' v.
  • he was going to participate in produce 101's season two with seiichi, but he got sick and couldn't attend.
  • if he was a girl, he would date helio because he's reliable and a decent cook.
  • his ideal type: a girl with the same interests as him. he doesn't care about looks, he just wants someone to play games with him until late night while listening to calm music.


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username: .@otr.apollo (he's the only member that doesn't have a personal instagram)
description: Off the Record's APOLLO official Instagram account.
posts: 1,792
followers: 22.7m
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