umm i don't really know what to say, but yeah i decided to take a part in this challenge


aesthetic and clothes image aesthetic, goth, and pastel image fashion, grunge, and alternative image Temporarily removed aesthetic, boots, and fashion image Image removed


shoes, alternative, and fashion image blue and shoes image shoes, fashion, and black image chanel, pink, and shoes image shoes, fashion, and aesthetic image shoes, pink, and aesthetic image


Devil, aesthetic, and purple image Temporarily removed aesthetic, jewelry, and necklace image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cat, animal, and aesthetic image quotes, dark, and sad image


cat, cute, and funny image alternative, indie, and snakes image blue and goldfish image animal and nature image animal, tiger, and pool image dog, animal, and funny image


leon, natalie portman, and movie image boy, grunge, and train image quotes, movie, and before sunrise image The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image 10 things i hate about you image love, Notting Hill, and julia roberts image

Léon: The Professional, Good Will Hunting, Before Sunrise, The Breakfast Club, 10 Things I Hate About U, Notting Hill

𝓽𝓿 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝔀𝓼

friends, chandler, and chandler bing image buffy the vampire slayer image quotes, gilmore girls, and rory image that 70's show and jackie burkhart image money, boy, and quotes image netflix and the society image
friends, buffy the vampire slayer, gilmore girls, 70s show, fresh prince of bel-air, the society


lil peep, tattoo, and gustav ahr image kurt cobain, nirvana, and grunge image Image removed billie eilish, billie, and singer image icon, conan gray, and peach image lana del rey, flowers, and lana image
Lil Peep, Nirvana, Clairo, Billie Eilish, Conan Gray, Lana Del Ray


art, indie, and grunge image art, grunge, and painting image book, vintage, and aesthetic image music, vintage, and the smiths image fashion, pastel, and vintage image aesthetic, grunge, and skate image
painting, drawing, reading, music, fashion, skating


girl, aesthetic, and grunge image cat, animal, and funny image grunge, couple, and love image girl, icon, and aesthetic image hello kitty, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, Chica, and chicas image


skam image quotes, aesthetic, and alive image cry, sad, and meme image music, quotes, and grunge image 90s, vintage, and art image Abusive image

i guess that was it.
hope you liked it :)
feel free to send me a message if u have same interests