Hello everyone! I recently did a roadtrip through the Westcoast of North America! So I thought I'd give you a nice guide on what to see and do! And since I have seen so much I am going to be doing this as a sort of series. So enjoy all you wanderes !!

San Fransisco

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So we're gonna start with San Fransisco. First of all, this city is so extremely gorgeous and artistic! I really enjoyed my stay there! San Fransisco really reminds me of some European cities. Here are some must sees.

- Fishermans Wharf

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This place is so cute to visit, plus you will get a good view of Alcatraz! We personally didn't feel like visiting it, but you could. At Fishermans Wharf they had the cutest candy shops as well as good restaurants.

-The Golden Gate Bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge is definitely worth a vist. Although their is almost always a lot of fog around the bridge, its still a pretty bridge to see. You can walk under it and on it as well!

- Chinatown

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Chinatown San Fransisco is the largest Chinese enclave outside Asia! It's really nice, and there are a lot of nice restaurants where you can enjoy all the Asian food. :)

- Ride a Cable Car

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Riding a cable car is a must! It is free and is a good transportation alternative. The cable car has been in San Fransisco since the 1800's and is still going strong. After a ride in the Cable Car he will drop you off at Lombard street which is the crookedest street in San Fransisco.

- Union Square

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A beautiful shopping place that you should visit!

- Palace of Fine Arts

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This so gorgeous that you should put this on the list no matter what!

- Painted Ladies

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Beautiful houses that you must see for yourself! It has a nice park to picnick accros as well.

- Twin Peaks

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To get the best view of San Fransisco !

- City hall San Fransisco

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The city hall in San Fransisco is definitely one of the prettiest I have ever seen and it has such a nice and long history to it!
This were the must sees that we visited in two days. I hope it helped you or inspired you! :)