stage name: helio (헬리오)
stage name meaning: god of the sun; sun titan
birth name: seo taeyang (서태양)
nicknames: sol; titan; mom; mole
height: 1.86cm
nacionality: korean
position: leader, main rapper
birthday: december 20, 1995
zodiac sign: capricorn
blood type: type o
representative color: grey
ruled under: mercury: “those ruled under mercury are all about communication style; how they think, how they solve problems. very intuitive and introspective, with great leadership qualities”
fun facts:

  • he studied abroad in russia for three years, so he speaks a bit of russian and english.
  • his charm is the mole in his cheek.
  • he composes his own songs, but he still doesn't release them
  • he's close friends with exo's kai and hotshot's timotheo.
  • he was a guest on red velvet's episode of pajama friends, along with niko.
  • he's working on his mixtape, which is rumored to be released at the second half of 2019
  • he was a contestant on show me the money 4
  • his role models are zico and simon dominic
  • he appeared on it's dangerous outside the sheets along with former wanna one member kang daniel and nct's mark
  • he's the only member that has his own twitter account
  • his ideal type: a tall girl with long hair. he likes a girl that can do aegyo but is also sexy. he mentioned oh my girl's yooa.


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idol friends

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exo's kai and hotshot's moonkyu
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ikon's bobby and hanbin
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kang daniel
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red velvet's joy

ig feed

username: .@soltae_
description: 1/6 APOLLO. red moon out now >>>>
posts: 211
followers: 11.6m
following: 78

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