Marilyn Monroe is a legend in today’s time primarily because of her status as a sex symbol. It is easy to look at pictures of her and admire her for her looks, but it simplifies a woman who was a very complicated person, and who was also a talented actress. She didn't come from the greatest of backgrounds, so it is amazing to know that she rose to such fame.

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The stage name, Marilyn Monroe, was created with the help of Ben Lyon, the head of new talent at Fox Studios. The name Marilyn was chosen because he said to her, “You are to me a Marilyn,” which was based off a woman, Marilyn Miller, he knew who starred in musicals in New York. (Marilyn Miller was one of the most popular Broadway musical stars, also a tap dancer, singer and actress.) She then asked if she could use her grandmother’s last name, Monroe. And that is how Marilyn Monroe came into being.

Her original name was Norma Jeane Mortenson.


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