Hi hearter, thanks for clicking on my article and taking the time to read it.
What is it about ? So, I've decided to share with you the people I follow on Instagram and/or YouTube kind of a beauty edition thing, it's just a light and fun article. As you may know, the beauty community can be a bit unpleasant with the drama going around all the time but to be honest I don't really care and I try to not care ! I really like the people who I'm following for their personality, aesthetic and vision on makeup.
So, before getting started with the meat of the actual article, I've noticed while writing down this article that there's a common thread between all those "influencers" and it's the makeup aesthetic; it's almost the same which is basically everything apart from an instagram makeup which I truly despise.
Here are the main "influencers" ( no particular order of preference )

She's an absolute delight, so talented, inspiring, emanating with good vibrations and I just smile everytime I watch her Youtube videos or instagram pictures. She's lovely, smart and truly passionate with what she does and again I love her work.

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I love her colorful looks, sometimes "unwearable" at least to me and my lifestyle but her original, editorial work is stunning. Everytime she posts a makeup look I'm flabbergasted.

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Well this woman is an inspiration not only her makeup style is up my alley but she doesn't have perfect skin; she still gets some blemishes and this helps me a lot as I have an acne prone skin so seeing someone who is confident with and without makeup is a real inspiration and it helps me.

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Samantha Ravndahl
Another woman who inspires me and convinces me that it's possible to be attractive even if your skin isn't crystal clear. I love her humor and at first I was kind of reluctant to the way she talks but she's actually a sweetheart.

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Mariah Leonard :
Her aesthetic has that amazing, editorial feel to it yet so simple at the same time! I don't know how she does it maybe everything is in her attitude !
I love her sense of humor, weirdness and how every video she makes is educational and entertaining all at the same time. I must admit that she is obviously blessed with amazing eyeborws and eyelashes.

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Katie Jane Hughes:
I discoverd her a couple of years ago and I think I've found someone who does emphasize on real skin with pores, texture, fine lines, moles, freckles and it's refreshing. I love her editorial like makeup looks and how she makes them actually "wearable for everyday" and she makes lives on instagram almost everyday so you learn something on a daily basis. Additional bonus is the close up photos of eye looks that I do appreciate alot.

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Violette_fr :
She's a french makeup artist ( I love her accent) and she is an Estee Lauder global beauty director and I love her effortless, beautiful looks and they are so simple to recreate or to get inspired by them. Her aesthetic is so calming and pleasing to the eye and it's weird but I truly appreciate her voice..

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Sam and Nic Chapman:
Previously known as Pixiwoo, I've watched their tutorials occasionally without really caring but recently I've been binge watching their tutorials and yet again I've found a fabulous aesthetic and the makeup is everything I like : gorgeous, messy, lived in and you don't have to fuss about neat shapes or precise lines which I'm here for this .

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I still have a lot of other makeup artists/lovers that I would like to share with you but I don't want to make this article too long, so I'll save them for another article hopefully. If you want, you can check out my fashion collection.

I hope you liked it and till the next time, take care. <3