hello there, i'm really enjoying writing articles so here's a new one. this time i wanted to this fashion this or that - tag;

colourful or neutral clothes?

aesthetic, brown, and clothes image elegance, fashion, and french image black, clothes, and coffee image fashion, casual, and clothes image
neutral clothes

jeans or sweatpants?

fashion, jeans, and outfit image jeans, style, and tumblr image

shorts or skirts?

cord, crop, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image

bralette or sport bra?

fashion, girl, and white image bra, bralette, and brassiere image bra, body, and style image Temporarily removed

jackets or coats?

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion and girl image

dungarees or dresses?

fashion, dress, and style image fashion, dress, and clothes image Mature image girl, dress, and style image

sweaters or hoodies?

Temporarily removed fashion, nike, and outfit image champion, blue, and fashion image adidas, grunge, and style image

denim or leather?

girl, jeans, and fashion image fashion, shoes, and jeans image

sneakers or heels?

Balenciaga, chic, and fashion image Image removed fashion, vans, and beauty image classy image

purses or backpacks?

bag, brown, and elegance image bag, fashion, and YSL image

neckless or bracelets?

girl, gold, and golden image fashion, girl, and indie image necklace, accessories, and gold image Image by E r é s t i n a

earrings or rings?

earrings, jewelry, and piercing image Temporarily removed Image by Femkevanbrabant Temporarily removed

hope you liked it, here's my articles: