So yesterday I started reading this book called Fangirl of Rainbow Rowel, and I can't tell you how much I had love it. I mean, it was spectacular. It feel so real. I love Cath and Levi and all the characters. I mean, I love it.

blue, book, and carry on image

I been thinking about the character all day, and I wanted to share it.

This is how I imagine the character are in real life:


book, read, and reading image study, girl, and school image book, library, and aesthetic image girl, face, and glasses image
I love her, the way she is


grunge, sad, and Christiane F image book, girl, and black and white image party, girl, and friends image Temporarily removed
she was kinda lost

Cath and Wren

couple, aesthetic, and book image Image removed one direction, infinity, and quotes image carry on, character, and edit image
twins, similar but not the same


girl, smoke, and cigarette image skins, Effy, and effy stonem image Image removed Mature image
cool girl


Flagged For Review road image yellow, aesthetic, and earphones image Image by ✩ roleplay characters ✩
headphones, red truck, laughs


couple and goals image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed alternative, amour, and bed image
coffee, sofa, truck and his bed


studying and books image


boy, froy gutierrez, and guy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed color, communication, and connection image
just bitch

Just read this book

Well that's all from now! Hope you like it and you enjoy it!
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