hi! a couple of weeks ago i started studying italian on my own and one of the ways i use to get immersed is by listening to music. a lot of it. here's a small compilation of my favorite current italian music. enjoy!

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Luca Dirisio, Calma e sangue freddo
The Kolors ft. Elodie, Pensare male
Charlie Charles, Calipso
Mahmood, Soldi
Andrea Cerrato, Take me to church (in italiano)
Boombadash, Mambo salentino
Benji & Fede, Dove e quando
Thegiornalisti, Riccione
Thegiornalisti, Completamente
Takagi & Ketra ft. Tommaso Paradiso, Elisa; Da sola/In the night
Cosmo, Cazzate
Nek, Fatti avanti amore
Lorenzo Fragola, Siamo uguali
Quentin40 & Puritano, Thoiry

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thank you if you read and listened to those! hope you like it :)