Hi guys, today I want to write about the ocean wave that touches your soul.
Few years ago, when I was seventeen (I think it was the year I felt the most things and wow it was 5 years ago), I always created peaceful moments for myself.
For example I had a solar lampion that I put next to my bed at nights, so it spread light through my room and I listened to Yellow Light by Of Monsters and Men (see my nickname lol) and I just started dreaming and thinking about places that I never been or about places where I collected many memories.
I lived every moment in full presence.. I was there with my body and soul, you know?
Or I sat by my window and watched the stars.. I don't know but as time passed by I lost all those moments. I don't remember the last time I watched the stars or waited for the nights with the most shooting stars.
The next year, when I turned eighteen, Coldplay released his album Ghost Stories and it was the last year of my high school. A big chapter ended.. and that year I changed the most.
Also in that year I joined Instagram. It was quite new for me and I was not much focused on it. It was fun to share things, but nowadays it turned to a competition. Till that time I only had Whatsapp, Tumblr and WeHeartIt, but because of my limited memory I could open Tumblr only on my laptop. Whatever.
Whenever I felt lost or whenever I felt that I lost the peace in me, I grabbed the books that I used to write down all the funny stories that I lived or all the things I loved to do or hated to do, or my favourite quotes and songs, so that I could find myself and return back to myself. And whenever I stopped writing, I lost myself.
What I am trying to say is, that we should take care of us and that we always need those therapy sessions with ourselves where we reflect on the past time and our old versions of ourselves. In which direction do we go? Do we have to change the things we take with us? Do we need to go back, because we forgot something important?
We need to listen to ourselves more than we listen to social media, more than we listen to Youtube Vlogs and we definitely need to listen to ourselves more than we are listening to what other people are eating for breakfast.
Focus on yourself. The peace is within you.
Don't loose yourself by searching for the peace in other people, or things.
Create your own happiness.
YOU have the capability to do whatever you want.
But you need to know what you want and what is good for you.
Search for that.
And never let it go.