Hey everyone!

I have been having a lot of fun doing articles creating aesthetics so I thought I would do another one.
So this is another part to my Songs Aesthetics series and I'm doing this one on the album Youngblood by 5 Seconds Of Summer
Hope you enjoy!

Inspiring Image on We Heart It


neon, red, and light image effy stonem, kisses, and madness image Devil, aesthetic, and shadow image party, drink, and grunge image
"When one of us gets to drunk and calls about a hundred times"
Want You Back
couple, love, and rain image aesthetic, body, and delicate image girl, smile, and beauty image Lyrics, music, and quote image
"I remember the roses on your shirt when you told this would never work"
Lie To Me
aesthetic, dress, and fancy image car and fire image grunge, indie, and marina and the diamonds image art, beauty, and classy image
"While I'm cleaning up your mess, I know he's taking off your dress"
kiss, lips, and red image pink, aesthetic, and heart image desserts, florals, and flowers image couple, vintage, and retro image
"We know we're classic together like Egyptian gold"
Talk Fast
retro and vintage image makeup, aesthetic, and alternative image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
"Talk Fast, Romance, won't last I'm okay with that"
Moving Along
coffee, book, and drink image aesthetic, alternative, and boys image boy, tattoo, and icon image text, die, and funny image
"Is it bad that I'm hoping that your broken? Is it bad that I'm wishing your still broken?"
If Walls Could Talk
boy, couple, and girl image mirror and aesthetic image pink, angel, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
"If this walls could talk I hope they wouldn't say anything because they seen way to many things"
Better Man
rose, flowers, and red image quote, moose blood, and swim down image couple, love, and goals image Temporarily removed
"All of my wrongs have led me right to you, wrapped in your arms I swear I'd die for your love"
boy, guitar, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed friends image Temporarily removed
"And all the things that we dream about they don't mean what they did before""
Why Won't You Love Me
time, photography, and clock image Afro and hair image Temporarily removed quotes, aesthetic, and locker image
"We're not alright but I'll pretend"
Woke Up In Japan
Inspiring Image on We Heart It neon, flowers, and aesthetic image couple, love, and kiss image pink, aesthetic, and blue image
"A few steps into the open doorway, heart pounds and there's a noise complain from room 304"
Empty Wallets
Mature image girl, party, and night image money, aesthetic, and Nude image Temporarily removed
"Living our lives dancing on empty wallets"
Ghost Of You
love, couple, and sea image boy, sad, and cry image boy, mirror, and grunge image books, candle, and glasses image
"Cleaning up today found that old Zeppelin shirt you wore when you ran away so no one could feel your hurt"
Monster Among Men
hands and art image Temporarily removed makeup and outfit image Temporarily removed
"Oh the stupid truth is I'm so bad for you. Oh no, no I can't take it. Oh no, no I won't break your heart again, I don't want be a monster among men"
Meet You There
best friends, friendship, and partners image aesthetic, quotes, and grunge image Abusive image friends, tumblr, and night image
"So you go your way and I'll go mine and if we're meant to I'll meet you there"
sky, aesthetic, and hands image Temporarily removed Mature image loner, lover, and aesthetic image
"We said we both love harder then we knew we could go but still the hardest part is knowing when to let go"
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