hey everyone! here are some of my tips for surviving high school/secondary school, as I will be going into my last year of school before university! let me know if you would like to see an article on essential supplies for school.

✏️ focus on the present
obviously it's super important to think about your future and what you want to do after high school (whether you want to carry on studying or start working straight away), but remember to concentrate on your current studies and living in the moment!

✏️ stay organised
this sounds like quite basic and 'normal' advice, but it is so true! your future self will thank you later if you keep your notes in order rather than having pieces of paper littering your bedroom and locker

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✏️ use help from your teachers
I know it doesn't really seem like it because they give you so many assignments and homework, but your teachers want to help you! ask them for advice on exams and anything that you don't understand

✏️ try and study out of school hours
my biggest tip of all would probably be to use your spare time to catch up on school work and do extra reading instead of watching netflix and youtube. it may seem a bit nerdy and like you're trying too hard, but it will pay off in the end.

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✏️ have fun!
this may sound so cliché, but you'll regret it if you spend your teenage years studying 24/7, so try and strike a balance between working and taking it easy.

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thank you so much for reading!