Summer Fling:
A simple relationship over the summer free of hassle and drama

How many of you have had a summer fling? A warm and no strings attached relationship in the summer months. Summer romances can be seen in all kinds of movies: The Notebook, Mama Mia, Endless Love and Call Me By Your Name.

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In a summer fling you hangout more then you would if you were just hooking up or friends with benefits. You don't just make love, you hold hands and cuddle. You get ice cream and watch summer blockbusters, you drive around and let the warm air mess up your hair.

Summer Fling Date Ideas
-Outdoor Picnic
-Getting Icecream
-Dinner and a movie
-Skinny dipping
-Watch fireworks
-Outdoor shopping center

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How to get one
You have to be open to meeting new people. And don't stop at one rejection, it happens to everyone. Hit up anyone you think you'd enjoy having fun with. Dating apps are a good place to start but don't hesitate to slide into DMs or hit up friends.

Invite them on one of the date ideas above, try to develop some romantic chemistry first to prevent a meaningless hookup. Always be honest about what you want. If you want something short term let your partner know! Tell them what you enjoy doing on dates and what you enjoy in bed. Ask them something. The best way to have an enjoyable summer fling is to be upfront about it.

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A summer fling can not last forever. That's what sets it apart from traditional relationships. They don't have enough time to turn sour and lead to pain. Summer flings end with the warm weather, but the memories will keep you warm for the rest of the year.

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A summer fling is like...
-A firework
-A shooting star
-A melted ice cream
-A beautiful sunset
-A sparkler

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