lately, i´ve been seeing quite a lot astrology posts. and when i first read about this ´deep astrology stuff´ (sun,moon,rising) i kinda got confused bc i couldn´t find any articles or smth similar. so i decided to do some research and watch yt videos. if u´re new to this too, u could watch yt videos (i can link some at the end). but if u want to, u just can read this article to clarify some questions. i hope i can help ♡

let´s start simple. there are 12 signs. every sign got their own dates :

aries : march 21st - april 19th
taurus : april 20th - may 20th
gemini : may 21st - june 20th
cancer : june 21st - july 22nd
leo : july 23rd - august 22nd
virgo : august 23rd - september 22nd
libra : september 23rd - october 22nd
scorpio : october 23rd - november 21st
sagittarius : november 22nd - december 21st
capricorn : december 22nd - january 19th
aquarius : january 20th - february 18th
pisces : february 19th -march 20th

⤑ your sun sign is your star sign. that shows the sign the sun was in when you were born. for example, i was born on the 9th august. that means, that my star sign is a leo (see table above). if u for example were born on the 25th november, you would be a sagittarius. you just have to search your birth date at that table and you´ll know your star sign/ sun sign. that´s what the most people always know about their zodiac.

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what does it stand for ?
⇉ your sun determines your personality traits. it stands for example for your ego and your identity. the rote in your life core of who you are. it´s the ´you´, you shine out to the world from your inner self. it´s kinda the person u are inside of u.

⤑ the moon sign shows the sign the moon was in when you were born. sadly, you can´t just look at the zodiac table and know your moon sign bc for your moon sign u need further information. u need your birth date (day, month, year), birth time (hour, minute) and your birth city. you need those exact dates cause the moon changes his sign every 2 to 2 1/2 days.

if u want to calculate your moon sign, here´s the website where i calculated mine:

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what does it stand for ?
⇉ the moon sign rules your emotions, moods, fears, obsessions and feelings. it´s the sign u mostly think of yourself. it reflects your personality when u´re alone or deeply comftarble around other people. It’s about the private self and its motivations and anxieties. It impacts heavily upon your relationships and bonds with others, and how you feel about stuff. It’s deep.
it´s the private you.

⤑ the rising sign is also called ascendant. whatever zodiac constellation appears on the east side of the horizon at birth is your rising sign. it describes the exact point the zodiac was rising. to calculate your rising sign you need your birth date (day, month, year), birth time (hour, minute) and your birth city.

if u want to calculate your rising sign/ascendant, here´s where i calculated mine:

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what does it stand for ?
⇉ the rising sign is like a mask u present to people. it´s the side of you, u show people u meet for the first time. it´s for example your personal style. it´s the personality the people perceive u as. your rising is also the way u react to spontaneous stuff

other examples :

hei. it´s me again. i tried my best to explain ur sun, moon and rising sign. i hope u understood smth. i´m new to this ´deeper astrology stuff´ so pls don't attack me lol. i hope u enjoyed the article :) luv u !


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