name meaing

my name is elaf { it means kindness to others and hope and all the good things in life } it is an arabic name

i am 18 years old i was born in march 15 2001

i am from the middel east and i live there with my famliy i loveh it so much
its were i grow up it smy hometwon

i can speek arabic and english and turkranch ish and a littel bit of spinsh and franch and korean

i love to sing and dance and lerring new things and ireally like travling so much and meet new people and making new frindes

i love food and anamlis sooooo much and making people happy and felling love and gaving love and help eachother not matter what you look like or where are you from fellings is somthing we all have we just have to know where and how to ues it

be kind >