Hi! This is a random introduction to some of my characters. I just want to write something and maybe this will give me motivation to actually start writing my book.
Let's start!


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Col is probably my favorite character because he never leaves my mind. I need to write him down on paper and give him life.

Col is an old, powerful witch with social anxiety. He may seem very innocent and harmless but he have a secret obsession with demons. Thanks to his strong magical ability he have learnt to summon them and taught himself to speak their language.

He spends a lot of time studying demons, alone and without any connection to his own race and friends. He may have become a bit insane.

Xander Andrews

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Xander is the first character I created that actually had some kind of personality and development and he has been with me since 2015. I have to be honest, at first he was basically my version of Klaus Mikaelson (from The Originals)

Xander is a hybrid, half werewolf and half vampire. He is the alpha of a pack of werewolves and his goal is to unite the werewolves and vampires.

Davina SanClaire

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Davina is the daughter of Sky SanClaire, leader of the witches. She is a strong and confident young woman who just wishes for the best for everyone. She may not be able to kill a man with magic or a knife in her hand but she can change anyone with her words and a charming smile.
And not to forget the most important thing, she loves cats.


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Elaric, or Ric which most people call him, is a fighter. Life has never been easy for him yet he still smiles and refuse to give up. He fights every day for those short moments of happiness and luck. He would go through hell and back for his friends without hesitation.

He is an edgy gay boy with an unhealthy addiction to coffee. He is also a witch but he rarely uses his magic and his skills in the art of magic is very lacking.


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Xarah is one of my beloved demons. The other one being Xaiver who I still need to make a collection for.

Xarah is an unstoppable force of power and destruction. Emotionless and without any human morals, she delights in the fear and sadness of other beings. Without anyone to stop her, she would probably leave the world smashed and damaged beyond saving.


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Erasiel is an angel in every part of his being. Emotional and emphatic in every situation, a warrior sent to destroy the demons and a poet since the beginning of the world.
He has a soft spot for bunnies and other small animals. He is always ready to help, soothe and support. He can forgive almost anything and anyone, expect for Elaric because of reasons.

That's the end. Of course I have more characters but unfortunately not enough time to write about all of them.
Thanks for reading!