I made a 'watchlist' of Horror Movies, but this isn't all of them so there will be a part 2 someday. Here we go!!

[x] Us
[x] Get Out
[x] It Follows
[] Midsommar
[] The Hole in the Ground
[] Climax
[x] Happy Death Day
[] Happy Death Day 2U
[] Child's Play
[] Child's Play 2
[] Child's Play 3
[x] Bride of Chucky
[] Seed of Chucky
[] Curse of Chucky
[] Cult of Chucky
[x] The Uninvited
[x] Amusement
[] Brightburn
[x] A Quiet Place
[] A Quiet Place: Part 2
[x] The Conjuring
[] The Conjuring 2
[] The Conjuring 3
[] Annabelle
[] Annabelle: Creation
[x] The Nun
[] The Curse of La Llorona
[] Annabella Comes Home
[] Halloween (the one from 2018)
[x] It
[] It: Chapter 2
[x] Sinister
[] Sinister 2
[x] Gerald's Game
[x] The Babadook
[x] The Invitation
[x] Carrie (the one from 2013)
[x] The Cabin in the Woods
[x] Insidious
[] The Sixth Sense
[] The Blair Witch Project
[] The Exorcist
[x] The Shining
[] Doctor Sleep
[x] Scream
[] The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
[] A Nightmare on Elm Street
[] The Silence of the Lambs
[x] The Ring
[] The Grudge

Stay curious,
Kaela Lage