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Leonie Walker

villain name

red, chaos, and quotes image aesthetic, chaos, and sad image
The Chaos

back story

Leonie Walker went missing when she was fourteen years old.
the police never find her and after a year and a half of being missing they dropped the case.
her family was devastated.
she was kidnapped by an evil organisation called PSYCH.
they did awful experiences on her and she got powers out of those experiences.
she escaped PSYCH at twenty two years old.
she killed all of the men in the facility and burned down the building.
then, she began to wreak havoc in New York City with her new found powers.

capital, chaos, and city image Temporarily removed


hair, black, and beauty image girl and woman image bijoux, earrings, and jewlery image makeup, beauty, and eyes image
black hair, hazel eyes, ear pierced, freckles

villain look

crescent moon, etsy, and jewelry image black, dark, and photography image Temporarily removed black, grunge, and shoes image
black cat suit with a black cloak, black boots and rings

modern look

fashion, outfit, and style image одежда image fashion, outfit, and style image girl, aesthetic, and grunge image
grunge style


burn, fantasy, and Hot image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed earth image
she controls the elements


Temporarily removed Marvel, thor, and loki image aesthetic, background, and girl image pink, quotes, and alone image
sarcastic af, angry at the world for leaving her behind, a little psychotic, lonely

love interest

Harry Styles image blue, magic, and power image love, couple, and black and white image grunge, trouble, and quotes image
Charlie Peterson is also a villain who control electricity and together they are the most powerful couple of New York City


angel, fantasy, and magic image cool, four, and handsome image
Temporarily removed brie larson image
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