Today I decided to talk about some of my favorite movies (which is what the title says btw). Cinema, movies, and actors are a part of what I’d like to work into in a few years so I wanted to share those cinematographic achievements.
The following order is not the one of from my most favorite to my less favorite, each movie is different from an other, I couldn’t classified them.

1 - A Prayer Before Dawn

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(2017; 1h57; by Jean Stéphane Sauvaire, with Joe Cole, Vithaya Pansrungarm... for more see here)

This movie is the adapted real story of Billy Moore, a British boxer who had drug issues, which had to do 3 years in the Thaï prison universe. Very tough scenes, a camera near the actor, few dialogues, everything is in the staging, the beauty of the scenery. It’s an author film, so its main interest is to open up our minds, about acting, about another category of cinema, which is deep and shows emotions, raises questions and explores new horizons.
I liked it not because of the particular universe it has the theme of, but more because it is touching, emotional. When I, personally, saw it, I identify myself in the pain and loneliness that Billy could felt despite his mistakes. In the end we’re wondering if this prison is really a reflect of what justice is. And the terrible living conditions make us instantly feel empathy with the prisoners.

2 - NaPolA — Elite für den Führer (Before the Fall)

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(2004; 1h55; by Dennis Gansel, with Max Riemelt, Tom Schilling... for more see here)

A fictional story about real historic facts, during World War II, Hitler established sort of military schools where young teenagers were taught how to be a good citizen and soldier for the dictator. The movie follows two specific young men who become friends. But their opinions about the political regime are quite different and one of them tries to show to the other what’s wrong with this glorified violence.
I was literally distraught after seeing this one because of the innocence of all the boys. It shows an other side of the war and the fact that some German people were also victims of the nazism. The tragical end is an opening upon what could they do differently? It’s heartbreaking, and helps to humanize and relativise about who is the real villain, and where is the real good.

3 - Girl, Interrupted

Angelina Jolie, girl interrupted, and winona ryder image lisa rowe and girl interrupted image
(1999; 2h07; by James Mangold, with Winona Ryder, Angelica Jolie, Jared Leto... for more see here)

A young woman suspected to have a personality disorder is sent to a psychiatric house, where she meet other women with real and serious problem. She has to faced the psychiatric universe, illness of the inside, and misunderstanding by the the outside. She gets close to those women who become her friends and learns many things with them.
The way the story is oriented towards the personality troubles, lies and mental in general makes us wondering who’s really insane. The way her parents treat her, the doctors, the world in general, forcing each of the characters to fit in a special case, we ask ourselves: what if the entire world was mad, and the diagnosed one just always knew that? This is an affecting story about the medical environment in psychiatry, and society in general, relationships between a large different kind of people. Once again, it helps to relativise and to think that we’re all human at the end, so why some should be treated apart?

4 - The Outsider

art, japan, and jared leto image japanese, hand, and jared leto image japanese, gang, and jared leto image
(2018; 2h; by Martin Zandvliet, with Jared Leto, Tadanobu Asano, Kippel Shiina... for more see here)

After getting out of a Japanese prison, an American man decides to stay, abandoning his country in a context of World War II, and to join the Yakuzas. The colors of the picture, dark and sober, the quiet atmosphere, with all the traditional Japanese ways of living make the movie very immersive, delightful to watch and interesting not specially for the improvement of the main character but for the fact that Netflix choose to show a non-caricatural vision of Japan and USA. We’re in a context where there’s no good or villain, but where a soul choose a total different path from what he was destined to have. He tries to fit in this new world but doesn't want to bend and keeps his arrogance.
I liked how the values of the country and its people are transcribed, the aesthetic side of the movie, this very calm atmosphere where all is slow, but also very cruel and quite controversial. And there’s the deep friendship between the two main characters which is very discreet and complex, beautiful, and which is the basis of the story. It brings to the fore the fact that respect is important between human beings, and allows confidence.

5 - Generation War (Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter)

Best, charlotte, and dead image generation war image femme, gucci, and japan image war, tom schilling, and volker bruch image
(2013; 3x1h30; by Stefan Kolditz, with Tom Schilling, Volker Bruch, Katharina Schüttler... for more see here)

Which is very special because it is composed of 3 films, which lasted 1h30 each.

One of my favorite cinematographic realization about this period of History which is World War II. The 3 episodes follow the story of 5 friends (two brothers who go to the east front, one Jew who escapes from the death camps, one nurse who works near the east front, and one woman who uses the nazism to become a known singer). Their stories are a different point of view of what people could felt at this time, and their situations during the war. The two brothers, who initially have a very different view of things, finally change roles and become what the other was, and what they hated. Their relationship is very poetic, and we feel the fact they’re important for each other, they help each other. We also see the dashed hopes of some citizens who truly believed that Hitler was supportive and unbreakable.
I recommend this movie not for the special historic context but more because of the consequences of war in the personal life of the characters. It destroys innocence, wipes hope out, and takes down people.

I hope this will help you when you search the next movie to watch, in the second part I’ll be less concentrated on the WWII period